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A Pilot dies. His son Bagi, who, like his father, has epilepsy, grows up on the steppes, herding sheep. A plague among the animals forces the family to migrate off to a city where Bagi gets a mining job. His epilepsy seizures become more frequent and with it he gets strange visions. He befriends a troupe of student performers after saving the life of one of their members. As the crisis of his people deepens - herders without flocks - Bagi uses his visions to seek direction. Can he save his people, and can he find love? Beyond the storyline `Khadak' is a visual gem complimented by a melancholy and haunting soundtrack filled with pathos and urgency that will draw the audience further into the film's mystical landscape.

CAST Batzul Khayankhyarvaa, Tsetsegee Byamba, Banzar Damchaa
DIRECTOR Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth
LANGUAGE Mongolian
Released Date 2007
MUSIC Christian Fennesz,Dominique Lawalree,Michel Schopping,Altan Urag
RUN TIME 1 hours 44 minutes